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Alamance County, NC

Alamance County was officially proclaimed a county in April of 1849. Until then it was originally part of Orange County, a county that sets off to the East of Alamance County. To the North is Caswell County, to the South is Chatham County and to the West is Guilford County. There are several claims on how Alamance came by its name, some say the Germans who arrived from the Alemanni region of the Rhineland, and then there are the ones that claim that the Indians called the Alamance Creek by their Indian word "Amonsi", or "Alamons", which meant "noisy river" or by another word that meant "blue clay". Because of its centeral location, Alamance County played an important role in the transportation system of that region. In the nineteenth century, Alamance begin a textile industry that sustained the economy of the county and is considered to have been the beginning of the Textile Industry that still exists today. Graham is the county seat, which was named in honor of the former Secretary of the Navy, William A. Graham.


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