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Alexander County, NC

Alexander County was formed in 1847 from Iredell, Caldwell and Wilkes counties. It was named in honor of William J. Alexander of Mecklenburg County, who was, several times a member of the Legislature and speaker of the House of Commons. Alexander County is in the West Central section of the state and is bounded by Iredell, Caldwell, Catawba and Wilkes counties, all which were once a part of Rowan County. Taylorsville remains the county seat today.

Surnames of Alexander County

Adams, Aiken, Allen, Austin, Barkley, Barnes, Bebber, Beckham, Bennett, Bentley, Bokick, Blankenship, Bowles, Bowman, Bradburn, Bradshaw, Brown, Brookshire, Bruce, Byrd, Campbell, Carley, Cavin, Cearly, Chambers, Chapman, Childers, Clary, Correl, Couriney, Dagenhart, Dagenhardt, Degenhart, Decker, Durmire, Dyson, Earp, Elliot, Ellis, Estes, Flowers, Fortner, Fox, Fulbright, Gardner, Garlick, German, Goble, Gryder, Gwaltney, Gualtney, Hampton, Harrington, Harmon, Herman, Hendren, Haynes, Hice, Holsclaw, Holtsclaw, Hill, James, Johnson, Jolly, Keller, Kennedy, Kerley, Kever, Kilby, King, Kivett, Lackey, Leach, Looper, Lowdermilk, Lowe, Lowrance, McAlpin, McKenzie, McKnight, McLain, McLelland, Marlow, Matheson, Marshall, Medlock, Meadlock, Meadows, Millsaps, Milsaps, Mitchell, Monday, Munday, Mundy, Monteith, Moore, Moose, Moser, Norton, Patterson, Rufty, Wyke

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