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Alleghany County was formed form Ash County, in 1859. Alleghany was named for an Indian tribe, derived from a corruption of the Delaware Indian name for the Alleghany and Ohio Rivers and is said to have meant a fine stream. Alleghany skirts the Blue Ridge Parkway and the New River winds through the northwestern valleys. Hunters were the early arrivals to the present day Alleghany County, but by the late 1700's settlers had arrived. A few of the early settlers surnames were Allen, Bryant, Byrd, Choates, Cox, Crouse, Doughton, Gambill, Halsey, Jones, Osborne, McMillan, Pennington Simmons, Tolliver and Wyatt. The county seat is SPARTA.

Alleghany County Surnames

Adair, Aker, Alexander, Allen, Anders, Anderson, Andrews, Badger, Baker, Baldwin, Barr, Bartley, Bates, Baum, Benge, Bird, Bledsoe, Blevins, Boone, Bourn, Bowers, Branton, Brooks, Brown, Butler, Caldwell, Campbell, Carlton, Carpenter, Carrico, Caudall, Caudill, Chenoweth, cornett, Cox, Couch, Crouse, Curits, Dancy, Dudley, Earles, Edwards, Fisher, Fuller, Gambill, Gann, Gillespie, Gouch, Greene, Greer, Gwennap, Hagins, Hagy, Halsey, Ham, Hapes, Hapes, Harless, Hart, Hendrix, Hensley, Herbert, Hicks, Higgins, Hill, Hines, Hobson, Hodge, Hudson, Jarvis, Jennings, Jewell, Jones, Killen, Killon, Lambert, LeMon, Lewis, Long, Lowe, Mabe, Marsh, McCown, McGuire, McKinney, Miles, Miller, Mills, Moore, Murry, Mulkey, Naylor, Norman, Norris, O'Connor, Osborn, Osborne, Parks, Parsons, Patterson, Pennington, Phipps, Pinkey, Pinckey, Preston, Price, Pruitt, Reeves, Renouf, Richardson, Roberts, Rose, Rash, Rowland, Royal, Rulifson, Rutherford, Sage, Sanders, Saferight, Safewright, Sarerite, Saferet, Safrit, Safriet, Sayers, Severt, shepherd, Shoemaker, shumaker, Shumate, Simpkins, Smith, Snipes, Souther, Sparks, Spence, Spikes, Spurlin, Spurling, Stamper, Stanley, Stewart, Stokes,Stringer, Strow, Taylor, Thompson, Tolliver, Wagoner, Walker, Ward, Weatherman, Webster, White, Whitehead, Wilds, Wiles, Willey, Wilmoth, Wilson, Woodruff, Wood, Woodie, Wooten, Wyatt, Zugelder

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