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Formerly Known As The BUCK CEMETERY
Beaufort County

Our generous donor:   Gerry Seymour

    This cemetery was canvassed by Leslie F. House on August 21, 1979. A copy of this document can be found in the Brown Library in Washington, NC. The comments and information are all the work of Leslie House. This cemetery is not fenced. It is well cared for. The additional information, designated by an asterisk, is unsubstantiated. The persons who provided the information, and I, assume no responsibility for the validity or use of this information. To locate this cemetery go exactly four miles south on Highway 17 from the intersection of Highways 17 and 33 in Chocowinity, N.C. to road 1168. Turn left and go .2 miles to a dead end at the Union Chapel Free Will Baptist Church and turn right on road 1134. Go about 90 yards and turn left on road 1135. Go .2 miles, turn right ona lane, go about 100 yards to an old house and turn right in front of the house. Follow the lane across a ditch bridge and left to the cemetery which is about .1 mile from the old house. Mrs. Minnie Gupton whose parents are buried in this cemetery, took my father and I to the cemetery. She was most helpful in gathering information and helping me to contact other people. Mrs. Gupton’s greatniece Donna Kay Elks and a friend of hers, Debbie Weston, also went to the cemetery with us and they were very helpful. Mrs. Molcy Buck was the first one to be buried in this cemetery. Her husband, Allen Buck, was the second one to be buried here. 1. Mortician’s marker. No information. 2. Lewis, Rena B. was born March 10, 1903 and died August 5, 1974. DOUBLE HEADSTONE. * The B. in her name stands for Bell. She died from a heart attack. Her father was Matthew Hodges. Her mother was Sophia J. Hodges whose father was James Wright Dixon married to Sophia Elks. Lewis, Shelley G. was born May 5, 1905 and died February 15, 1963. His father was Isaac Lewis whose father was John Harvey Lewis and mother was Lizzann Buck Lewis. Shelley’s mother was Ada Downs Lewis whose parents were Lacy and Jeannette Downs. Shelley and Rena had children. 3. Lewis, Isaac F. born September 21, 1872 and died June 20, 1939. Headstone. See #2 above. 4. Reed, Wilson Jr. son of M. E. and W. C. born May 2, 1924 and died August 1, 1924. Headstone – An angel visited the green earth and took the flower away. Footstone. 5. Brickhouse, infant girl. Headstone. Footstone. 6. Dixon, Neva Latham, wife of Joe G. Dixon was born April 13, 1888 and died August 24, 1921. Headstone – Her record is on high. *She died from tuberculosis. Joe G. stands for Joe Green who is buried in New Bern, N.C. Her children were: William Worthing Dixon who married Audrey Crabtree and is buried in the Oakdale Cemetery, and Mildred Dixon who married Robert Childrey from Richmond, VA. 7. Edwards, John W., son of James W. and Elizabeth Edwards. March 8, 1943. *James’ parents were James N. and Caroline Lewis Edwards. Elizabeth’s parents were Wade and Thidie Bennett Cayton. 8. Hodges, Lloyd B. 1924-1979. Paul Funeral Home Marker. *His grandfather was Matthew Hodges. 9. Hodges, Lou Taylor was born September 11, 1900 and died July 29, 1972. DOUBLE HEADSTONE. *Her maiden name was Taylor. She died from cancer. 10. Hodges, Sophia J. was born February 3, 1877 and died September 20, 1936. DOUBLE HEADSTONE. *Her maiden name was Dixon. Her parents were James Wright and Sophia Elks Dixon. She died from liver trouble. She had 14 children. 11. Hill, Elizabeth J., wife of W. H. Hill was born March 20, 1873 and died January 23, 1909. *W.H. stand for W. Henry. She was known as Betsy. Her parents were Jim Henry & Caroline Dixon Taylor (see #12 & #13). Her children were: (1) Henry married to Tabitha ? . (2) Griffin married to Ollie Moore. (3) Louis married to Lillian Harving. (4) Josh married to Kath Hill. (5) Ivy married to ? . (6) Lydia married to Mac Moore. (7) Annie married to ? . 12. Taylor, Caroline, wife of James H. Taylor was born June 16, 1835 and died April 8, 1903. Headstone – A precious one from us is gone, a voice we loved is stilled, a place is vacant in our home which never can be filled. God in His wisdom has recalled the boon His love has given and though the body moulders here the soul is safe in heaven. Footstone – C.T. 13. Taylor, James H. was born April 15, 1835 and died October 19, 1904. Headstone – The righteous shll be in everlasting memory. Footstone – J.H.T. *The H. stands for Henry. 14. Dixon, Dorcas Anne was born December 2, 1863 and died May 9, 1927. Double Headstone – Weep not children for us for we are waiting in joy for thee. *She had a stroke in church and died the next day. Her parents were John H. and Eliza Ann Buck Lewis. Dixon, William Charlie was born September 26, 1859 and died February 4, 1908. *William and Dorcas had the following children: (1) Henry Weston Dixon who married Pearly Mills. (2) Ada Ann Dixon who married Bennie Barrow and then Robert Kennedy. (3) Norman Austin Dixon who married Mary Fornes. (4) Joe Green Dixon who married Neva Latham and then Armeda Davenport. (5) James Hyman Dixon who married Hattie Hill. (6) Bertha Jeanette Dixon married to Curtis B. Nelson. (7) Lonnie Scott Dixon married to Myrtle Moore. (8) William Harvey Dixon who married Katie Edwards. (9) Minnie Dixon who married John D. Beavers and then Ervin Gupton. 15. Dixon, Hattie Hill was born November 6, 1898 & died December 4, 1974. Double headstone – The Lord is my shepherd. Dixon, James Hyman born November 25, 1892 and still living. *He is in a nursing home, Health Center, in Washington, N. C. 16. Dixon, Maglonna, daughter of J. H. and Hatie Hill Dixon was born August 6, 1916 and died August 7, 1916. Headstone. Footstone. 17. Gaskins, Thad B. was born December 5, 1898 and died April 19, 1977. Double Headstone. Gaskins, Arlie Jones was born September 13, 1906 and is still living. 18. Gaskins, Myrtle Ann born April 19, 1938 and died September 14, 1939. Headstone – Our darling. 19. Gaskins, John S. son of Thad and Arlie Gaskins born October 14, 1936 and died June 11, 1937. Headstone. 20. Gaskins, David L., son of Thad and Arlie Gaskins born June 9, 1925 and died June 6, 1926. Double Headstone. Gaskins, infant of Thad and Arlie Gaskins born and died June 6, 1926. 21. Gaskins, Gladys, daughter of Thad and Arlie Gaskins, born March 26, 1928 and died April 12, 1928. Headstone. 22. Taylor, Charles. *No other information except that he was a cousin of James Henry Taylor. 23. Buck, Elizabeth born September 23, 1839 and died March 25, 1920. *Twin sister to Eliza Ann Buck Lewis. She never married. 24. Buck, Allen, born April 1, 1803 and died March 1, 1895. Headstone - – Gone but not forgotten. Footstone – A.B. *His sons were Isaac, Henry, Allen. His daughters were Clemintina, Elizabeth and Eliza Ann. 25. Buck, Molcy born May 9, 1807 and died March 9, 1876. Headstone – - We cherish thy memory. *Her maiden name was Taylor. She was the wife of Allen Buck. 26. Buck, Clemintine born November 4, 1829 and died April 12, 1906. Headstone. Footstone. *Daughter of Allen and Molcy Buck. Never married. 27. Lewis, Olivia J. Warren, wife of J. G. Lewis, born January 5, 1874 and died June 28, 1944. Headstone – She hath won the victory. Footstone – O.J.W.L. J. G. Lewis was Joe G. Lewis and he’s buried in Edwards Cemetery. 28. Lewis, John H. born October 17, 1837 and died August 14, 1908. *H. stands for Harvey. He’s the father of Dorcas Ann Dixon. 29. Lewis, Eliza Ann born September 23, 1838 and died January 2, 1923. Headstone – She was the sunshine of our home. *Wife of John H. Lewis. She went blind at about age 45. Her children were: (1) William Turner Lewis who died at age 11 or 12. (2) John Allen. (3) Joe G. married to Olivia Warren. (4) Nathan married to a widow named Taylor. (5) Isaac married Ada Downs. (6) William Henry married Armeecie L. Godley . (7) Dorcas Ann married William Charlie Dixon. (8) Henrette married Frank Edwards. (9) Caroline married James Edwards. (10) Molcy married Jessie Barrow. (11) Harrie married George Barrow, brother of Jessie. 30. Carrow, Jessie Mae, daughter of Charlie & M. M. Carrow born September 6, 1930 and died November 17, 1930. **M.M. was Myrtle Edwards before marriage. Myrtle’s father was James N. Edwards who is buried in the Edwards Cemetery and her mother was Caroline Lewis before marriage. Charlie’s parents were Harvey and Nettie Latham Carrow. 31. Carrow, Shelby Jean, daughter of C.H. and Myrtle Carrow born November 15, 1936 and died May 17, 1938. Headstone – Our loved one. Footstone. – S. J. C. 32. Rowe, Darrell Wayne was born February 18, 1950 and died September 4, 1950. Headstone – Asleep in Jesus. Footstone – D.W.R. 33. Lewis, Vera F. Wilkerson Funeral Home marker (rusted). 34. Tyer, Mrs. Margaret G. 1870 – 1953. S. G. Wilkerson & Son Funeral Home Marker. 35. Norris, infant son of Fenner and F. F. Norris born January 15, 1915 and died June 10, 1916. Headstone – From mother’s arms to the arms of Jesus. Footstone - I.F.F. stands for Fanny whose father was Sidney Barr. 36. Barr, Susan B., wife of Sidney Barrn, born October 15, 1862 and died January 14, 1904. Headstone. Footstone – S.E.B. *Her father was Henry Buck who died in the Civil War. Her mother was Martha Garrett before marriage. Her children were: (1) Fanny Barr married to Fenner Norris. (2) Lizzie Barr married to Jess Dixon. (3) Florence Barr married to ? Harding. (4) Kate Barr married to ? Harding. (5) Martha Barried married to ? . (6) John Henry Barr married to Dice Godley. (7) Sidney Barr married to Essie Hill. 37. Garrett, Martha Ann born September 16, 1838 and died April 16, 1931. Headstone – Having finished life’s duty she now sweetly rests. *Mother of #36 and Margaret Ann Garrrett Tarr. 38. Garrett, Nathan B. born October 15, 1844 and died August 16, 1913. Headstone – A. precious one from us is gone, a voice we loved is still. Gone but not forgotten. Footstone – N.B.G. *Husband of #37. 39. Hodges, Mathew V. died August 4, 1943 at age 69. Mortician’s marker. *Husband of Sophia Dixon, #10. 40. Mortician’s marker. No information. 41. Mortician’s marker. No information. 42. McRoy, Jinnie born June 20, 1877 and died April 16, 1960. Headstone. Footstone - J.M. *Maiden name Adams. Wife of W. M. McRoy. 43. McRoy, W.M. 1876-1944. Headstone – At rest. Footstone – Broken. *Husband of Jinnie McRoy. Father of Lacy & of Laura who married Oscar Clark. 44. McRoy, Annie born June 17, 1915 and died April 20, 1940. Headstone – At rest. 45. McRoy, Nicy born March 16, 1871 and died October 9, 1944. Headstone – Gone but not forgotten. Footstone. *Wife of Henry McRoy. 46. McRoy, Henry died October 15, 1919. Age 52. Headstone. Footstone – M. *Brother of W.M. McRoy. 47. Adams, Silvester was born May 15, 1845 and died June 15, 1918. Headstone – Father we cherish they memory. Footstone – S.A. 48. Adams, Susan E., wife of Silvester Adams, born June 4, 1854 and died June 25, 1904. Headstone – Asleep in Jesus. Footstone – S.E.A. 49. Denby, Susan E. born February 19, 1834 & died September 21, 1917. Headstone – In memory of our loving mother. Footstone – S.E.D. *Sister of #37. 50. Morgician’s marker. No information. 51. Mortician’s marker. No information. 52. Cayton, Wanda Pauline, daughter of Wade & Minnie Cayton, born October 20, 1940 and died December 23, 1944. *Wade was known as Little Bud and is buried in Wilminton, N.C. Minnie is still living. 53. Nelson, Olive Lewis born July 6, 1894 and died September 14, 1969. Double Headstone. Footstone – O.L.N. *Her parents were Jake and Jennie Bet Williams Lewis Nelson, Collin Augustus born March 22, 1890 and died July 31, 1959. *He was known as Carl. His father and mother were numbers #55 and #56. 54. Nelson, Elmo L. born July 30, 1921 and died December 22, 1938. Double Headstone. Nelson, Charlie W. born November 14, 1912 and died December 20, 1938. *Elmo and Charlie were brothers and children of Collin & Olive Nelson. They were killed in an automobile wreck in Florida. 55. Nelson, A.W. born October 8, 1858 & died May 21, 1934. Headstone – His memory is blessed. Footstone – A.W.N. *A. stands for Augustus. 56. Nelson, Annie E. born November 17, 1852 & died January 31, 1926. Headstone – A devoted wife and a loving mother. Footstone – A.E.N. *Her maiden name is believed to be Bright. Her children were: (1) #53. (2) Christopher Columbus Nelson. (3) Curtis Bryan Nelson. (4) Infant daughter died. 57. Mayo, Mary C., wife of John Mayo born January 14, 1858 and died February 21, 1928. Headstone. Footstone – M.C.M. “She was known as Molly. Her children by a former marriage were: Derwood & Finner Bright. 58. Mayo, John, born March 15, 1860 and died June 19, 1925. Headstone. Footstone – J. M. *Last husband of #57. 59. Moore, Walter S., born November 24, 1856 and died May 10, 1939. Headstone. Footstone – W.S.M. 60. Bright, Derwood M. born March 14, 1885 and died March 16, 1940. Double Headstone. Footstone – D.H.B. Bright, Eula Alice, born December 2, 1890 and died March 22, 1974. Footstone – E.A.B. *Daughter of Stanley Dixon. 61. Bright, Derwood Auston, son of W.M. and Rosa Bright, born October 24, 1932 & died February 15, 1942. Headstone. Footstone – D.A.B. 62. Bright, Veston M. born October 6, 1911 and died September 5, 1957. Double Headstone. Footstone – W.M.B. Honor they father and they mother. Exodus 20:12. Bright, Rosa, born May 12, 1912 and died June 1, 1975. Footstone – R.W.B. *She had Derwood Auston and Jessie Lee Bright who married Barbara Lewis and had Jodie who is about six years old. 63. Clark, Joe E., born November 13, 1912 and died May 13, 1939. Headstone. *He married Vonaree Dixon who remarried to Otis Hussey. He had one child, Joe Clark who lives in Sanford, N.C. 64. Dixon, Norman A. born June 24, 1888 and died March 3, 1973. Double Headstone. Dixon, Mary F., born June 13, 1892 and still living. *Her maiden name was Fornes. She was from Arapahoe, N.C. and her mother was a moore. Her children were: (1) Vonaree Dixon married to Clark Hussey. (2) Mitchell Dixon. (3) Charlie Dixon. (4) Verda Lee Dixon. 65. Dixon, Verda Lee, daughter of N.A. and Mary Dixon, born September 28, 1922 and died February 21, 1936. Headstone. Footstone – V.L.D. *She died from penumonia. N.A. stands for Norman A. 66. Chandler, Guilford, son of Mr. And Mrs. D. C. Chandler, born March 17, 1926 and died April 24, 1937. Headstone – He was a kind and loving son and an affectionate brother. There is a concrete border around the grave. 67. Chandler, David C., born April 15, 1886 & died February 16, 1955. Double Headstone. Footstone – D.C.C. Chandler, Susie May, born September 11, 1892 and died September 4, 1951. 68. Moore, Daniel Alexander and Ravin Marie Moore, born and died November 9, 1977. Lived 1 ½ hours. Pollock-Lineberry-Wells Funeral Service marker. 69. Hodges, Pearl Elizabeth, daughter of J. W. and Pearl Hodges was born April 2, 1942 and died May 21, 1950. Headstone – Budded on earth to bloom in heaven. Footstone – P.E.H. Granddaugher of numbers 70 and 71. 70. Dixon, Jesse D., born May 8, 1878 and died February 13, 1944. Headstone – Gone but not forgotten. Footstone – J.D.D. *Wife, Lizzie. Son – Allen. 71. Dixon, Elizabeth B., born November 5, 1889 & died July 3, 1966. Headstone – She is asleep, not dead. Footstone – E. B. D. 72. Mills, Christine D., daughter of Mr. And Mrs. W. J. Mills, December 17, 1943. Headstone. Footstone. 73. Chandler, Jessie M., born June 1, 1899 & died December 20, 1949. Headstone. 74. Hill, Sarah E. 1875-1953. Headstone - At. Rest 75. Taylor, infant daughter of W. R. and D. Taylor. September 9, 1930. Headstone. Footstone – T. 76. Taylor, Walter J., born November 7, 1891 and still living. Double Headstone. Footstone – W. J. T. Taylor, Ollie H., born April 10, 1901 and died August 30, 1961. Till we shall meet and never part. Footstone – O.H. T. *Her father was Wash Hill. 77. Wiggins, Jr., Larry Gene – 1974 – Paul Funeral Home Marker. *His wife was Lynn Moore. His father was Larry Gene Wiggins. His mother was Elsie Taylor Wiggins whose parents were Walter and Ollie Hill Taylor. Ollie Hill was the daughter of Wash Hill (see #76)...


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