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Hello Diane,

I'm glad I found your web site on 'Little Washington'! My grandfather, Edward Vance Adams (1906-1999) grew up in Washington and I visited my great grandmother Lucy Iceline Waters Adams there many times when I was little.

My great grandfather was James Edward Adams. He was a policemen in the early 1900's and opened 'Adams General Merchandise' on Main Street around 1910 or 1915. He operated the store until he died (young) in 1931. Another businessman, Mr. Mixon (or Nixon) had helped get my great grandfather get started and attempted to continue the business for his widow and children after grandpa adam's death.

I have attached a picture of the inside of the store taken in the early 1920's. The large gentleman on the right is J.E. Adams. I'd love to know what the store looks like now and what is there. My mom thinks the address was 101 Main St, but is not sure.

Keep up the good work with the site. I hope you enjoy the picture.

Kim Wrenn
Durham, NC


Hi. Well, if the large gentleman (with the white shirt?) is Mr. J. E. Adams, then, I want to invite your attention to "something" on the counter just behind the big man in the white shirt! Now, take a magnifying glass and tell me what you can read on the "something" on the counter.

Can't figure it out, you say? O.K...here's a hint for you....about this time in history, Nabisco, then known primarily as National Biscuit Company or NBC-like their competitors shipped their cookies and crackers in barrells and wooden boxes, cardboard boxes, etc...although by the 1915's they were pretty much into zero use of cracker barrels for many reasons. So, they had tin/metal boxes with little doors on the front generally, that allowed the cookies to be removed for the consumer. My experience with over 300 (?) pieces of antiques here in Charlotte, leads me to believe that tin has National Biscuit Company on the front. You would have to have a very powerful magnifying glass, of course, but, I think I am correct.

So, now, the story could start...."It was a bit of a slow day at Adam's General Store that cool Autumn day. The local hands had finished their most urgent chores for the morning and had gathered to partake of some "rat" cheese, souse meat, crackers and a Jonnie Cake cookie that had just arrived from NBC"......

Will be waiting your next installment!

J. R. Page

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