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    This cemetery was inventoried by Leslie F. House on August 10, 1979. This document can be found in the Brown Library in Washington,NC. This cemetery is not fenced. It is well kept. It is adjacent to the west side of Highway 17. It is situated on land that has been owned by the Buck family for 200 or more years. The additional information, designated by an asterisk, is unsubstantiated. The persons who provided the information, and I, assume no responsibility for the validity or use of this information. Mrs. Shirley Buck Page met me at the cemetery and graciously gave me information about her family. Mrs. Bernice E. Harper Buck also graciously provided some of the information shown herein. 1. Buck, Walter A. born May 18, 1918 and died July 31, 1973. Headstone. *He died from heart trouble. He was a farm owner. He served in the U. S. Army during World War II. His mother was the former Lula E. Mills from Pitt County, N. C. His father was Richard E. Buck whose parents were Richard T. and Mary Buck Buck. Walter A. Buck’s children were: (1) Walter Glavin Buck who married Janice Carrow from Beaufort County. (2) Mary E. Buck who married Phillip Garris from Washington,NC. Jullitte Buck who married Marion Tyson & then Joseph Sykes. (4) Marty who is not married. 2. Buck, Bernice Evelyn born May 3, 1921 and is still living. “Wife of Walter A. Buck. She is from Pitt County, N.C. Her father’s name is William Blaney Harper whose father was Charles Harper from Pitt County. He mother’s maiden name was Mary Elizabeth Emory who was from Green County,NC. 3. Buck, infant of Mr. & Mrs. Walter A. Buck born & died Mar 17,1947. 4. Buck, Ella G. born November 11, 1916 and died August 29, 1946. Headstone. Footstone - E.G.B. *She was married to James T. Buck who is still living. She died from childbirth. Her father was William Bob Godley from Pitt Co, N.C. Her mother was Ruby Hines before marriage. Ruby Hines was a school teacher from Pitt County, N.C. Ella’s children are: (1) Shirley Buck who married Kenneth L. Page from Wilson, N.C. and has five children. (2) William E. Buck who married Louise Marie Stanley & has three children. (3) James A. Buck who married Barbara Ann Fleming from Virginia & has two children. (4) Lula Olivia Buck who married Douglas Branch and has two children, (5) Dalton Ray Buck who married Linda Price and has three children. 5. Buck, Mrs. Lula was born March 17, 1889 and died November 30, 1921. Headstone. *Wife of Richard Edward Buck. She was Lula Mills from Pitt Co, NC. Her children were: Walter A. Buck, Edward Allen Buck & James T. Buck. 6. Buck, Richard E. was born February 23, 1880 & died January 19, 1957. Headstone. *He died from pneumonia. He was married 3 times: first to #5 above, second to Sally Sutton, & third to Mae Heath. His children by Sally are: Josephine who married LeRoy Hadley from Martin Co, N.C. & Richard Seth who married Myrna ? from S.C. His children by Mae are Mae Evelyn who married Carl Woolard and Jimmy Elbert who married Louise ? from Georgia. 7. Buck, Mae H. was born August 2, 1905 and died September 17, 1964. Headstone. *She died from cancer. She was married to Richard E. Buck. Her father was Sam Heath from Grimesland, NC. 8. Buck, Mary E. wife of R. T. Buck was born November 24, 1843 & died January 1, 1928. Headstone – Her memory is blessed. Footstone – M.E.B. *R. T. stands for Richard Thomas. Her maiden name was Buck & she was from the Clayroot Community. She was the mother of Richard E. Buck & Annie Buck. Annie married Jessie Smith from Pitt County, NC. 9. Buck, R.T. was born December 24, 1850 and died January 3, 1915. Headstone – They loved him most who knew him best. Footstone – R.T.B. *R. T. stand for Richard Thomas. His parents were Richard & Sophia Buck. His wife was Mary E. Buck. 10. Buck, Richard was born January 25, 1808 & died January 31, 1976. DOUBLE HEADSTONE. The grave is bricked over. 11. Buck, Sophia was born in 1810 and died February 26, 1881.


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