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Pinetown Catalog of 1912 Logging

by Surry Parker

Our generous donor: John Boyd

The Pinetown Catalog of 1912 was written by Surry Parker, who was the owner of the manufacturing plant and a logger. He is saying a lot about the quality of labor that worked in the woods at the time. Reading the caption at the bottom of the page is very revealing. This catalog has 37 pages and it chronicles the era during which virgin timber was logged from the woods in Eastern NC. 1880 to 1918.

The only person in the shop crew picture that I recognize is the tall fellow in front. I am pretty sure that it is Willie Gurkin. I find it very interesting how Surry Parker describes his machines and the men who run them.

Surry Parker Cover Page

Steam Logging, A Presentation by Surry Parker

Log Tongs

Jane Odom Parker Bosman Obituary

Surry Parker in Automobile at Front of Hotel

Shop Crew
Notes From John Boyd:
The workers in the picture are people that worked in the "Parker Machine
Works" located in Pinetown. They were all skilled craftsman and long term
employees. Their relatives still are living around Pinetown. As opposed
to the woods crews who looked to be mostly black to me from the pictures.
I have a ledger from my great grandfather from the minutes of the
"Charitable Brotherhood Lodge" in Pinetown. I would bet that most of
these people were members along with Surry Parker. My great grandfather
John Rob Boyd was the recording secretary. This is a whole different story.
John Boyd

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