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    Washington, NC
Historic Images

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Created - February 2003

Dear Diane,
I thought you might enjoy seeing these photos. The fish market was Glenn and Glenda Day's dad's fish market. It was next to Dudley's Market to the west on Water St. You can see Harris Hardware in the background.

The drug store, I believe dates to around '32 and I believe it was in the vicinity of what use to be the Rita Theater. I remember my grandmother talking about a drug store on that side of the street.

The grocery on S. Market St. is what was Roberson's Grocery in the '50's.

I don't know who the "farm family" are, but it shows the Gauranty Bank in the background.

I think the "Washington Home during the depression" was located between Academy St. and Harvey St. on the south side. I may be wrong but that's my guess.

Maybe someone will know who the policeman is.............the building is easy recognizable.

Believe it or not I know for sure where the "off 5th St. in Washington during the depression" is. The black woman "Bertha" that raised me, lived on that street. The small house at the end next to the big house, which actually was a store. The truck in the picture is parked in front of what would become Bertha's home in the forties and fifties.

The street was on the north side of 5th, East of Ted Hall's father's garage(which use to be a black theater started by Billy Duke)by about a half a block.

I thought you might enjoy seeing them.

Rex Wheatley, Jr.
Raleigh, NC

West 2nd Street - Soldiers home on Leave - 1800s

Washington Police Dept. & Officer 1939

Grocery on South Market Street

A Washington Home During the Great Depression

Day's Fish Market South Market and Water Street

Farm Family on Market Street by Welch's Drug Store

Drug Store Interior

Off Fifth Street - Depression Era

Chocowinity City Hall - Depression Era

Market St & Main - Depression Era

World War II Plane - Local

Looking south on N Market near what was to be Stowes Cleaners

In front of Louise Hotel pre WWII

Main Street across from Suskin and Berry & Whites & BAnk of Washington in pre WWII

Turnage Theater posters-Snow White & the 7 Dwarfs

Farm Wagon on Country Road-south of Chocowinity

Store off 3rd Street with painted ads

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