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Bertie County was named in honor of James and Henry Bertie, who had purchased land from the original eight Lord Proprietors. It was formed in 1722 from Chowan County. Bertie County is bounded by Albemarle Sound, Chowan River, Washington County, Martin County, Halifax County, Northampton and Hertford Counties. It lies in the Northeastern section of North Carolina. Windson, which was established in 1766, was made the County Seat in 1774.

Some Surnames

Acre, Acree, Adams, Adkison, Atkison, Adkinson, Alexander, Andrews, Ashburn, Askew, Baker, Barefoot, Barbre, Barbrey, Barnes, Basnight, Bassknight, Bazemore, Bell, Beverley, Beverly, Bevins, Bird, Byrd, Blackman, Bond, Boulton, Bowen, Boyd, Boid, Bout, Boty, Boyet, Boyett, Brantley, Brogkon, Brogden, Bryan, Bryant, Buch, Bunch, Burkitt, Burress, Bush, Butler, Cadenhead, Cadenheid, Cale, Campbell, Capehart, Chief, Cashie, Casper, Castellow, Catlett, Chamblee, Cherry, Clayton, Cleaton, Cobb, Coffield, Collins, Cone, Conner, Cook, cooper, Copeland, Corbett, Cotten Cowan, Cowen, Cox, Craft, Daughtry, Deans, DeLoach, Dempsey, Dillon Duggan, Dunning, Early, Eason, Evans, Fleetwood, Flood, Folks, Folk, Fooks, Fryer, Fryar, Fryiar, Frier, Fuller, Ganey, Gainey, Gayney, Gardner, Garriss, Gaskins, Godwin, Goodwin, Goodson, Gregory, Griffin, Halsey, Harding, Hadrison, Hardy, Harrell, Hare, Harmon, Harrell, Harrells, Harrison, Hawkins, Hicks, Hill, Hodge, Hoggard, Holley, Holloman, Holly, Howell, Hudman, Hunter, Hyman, Jeffries, Jenkins, Jernigan, Johnson, Hohnston, Jones, Joyce, Keefe, Keeffe, Kervin, King, Langdale, Langston, Lankford, Lasitter, Lassiter, Laurence, lawerence, Layton, Lewis, Sanders, Shaw, Shoulars, Simmons, Smallwood, Smithwick, Snell, Sowell, Sewell, Sparkman, Speller, Spivey, Stanley, Stansell, Stephenson, Stevenson, Stephens, Stokes, Stiball, Strickland, Suggs, Summerell, Sumner, Sutton, Tapp, Taylor, Taylor, Thomas, Thrower, Todd, Toole, Van Pelt, Vick, Waller, Walton, Ward, Walker, Wallace, Walters, Warren, Watson, West, Weston, Wheeler, White, Wiggins, Williams, Wimberly, Winborne, Wood, Woodnot,Wynants, Wynn, Wynne, Wynns, Zellner, Zellnor

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