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Camden County

    Camden County was formed in 1777 from Pasquotank County.

    It was named in honor of Charles Pratt, Earl of Camden, who was one of the staunchest friends of the Americans, in the British Parliment.

    It lies in the Northeastern section of the state
    and is bounded by the state of Virginia, Albemarle Sound, Pasquotank, Gates, and Currituck counties.

    The County Seat is Camden.

Some Surnames

Abbott, Allison, Artis

Barecock, Barnes, Battlefield, Bartlett, Beal, Berry, Biggs, Blackmon, Bloodworth, Boulware, Bowie, Bowler, Brite, Brockett, Brown, Bullyard, Burgess, Burnine, Burgess, Burnham

Callahan, Canady, Cartwright, Casey, Chamberlain, Craft, Creech, Crookum, Crookham

Dalrymple, Dauge, Davis, Dean, Denson, Deros, Douglas, Dozier

Eason, Edney, Elam, Ethreridge, Evans

Ferebee, Forbes, Forehand, Foster

Gallop, Gallup, Gardner, Garrett, Gilbert, Gilford, Gregory, Grice, Griffin

Hale, Hales, Halstead, Harris, Harrington, Harrison, Hastings, Hathaway, Heath, Hellums, Hickerson, Hinchey, Hughs, Humphries, Hunt, Hunts, Hutchins


Jacobs, Jarvis, Jeffcoat, Jennings, Jones

Keeter, Kelly, Kight

Lankford, Leary, Lindsey, Liverman, Lurry

Marchant, Matthews, McBride, McCoy, McDaniel, McFarson, McGraw, McKimmey, McPherson, Meiggs, Mercer, Miller, Morgan, Morrisette, Munden

Needham, Newby

Olds, Overton

Perry, Pierce, Powers, Pritchard, Pugh

Richardson, Rhodes, Riggs, Robertson, Rollins, Rowells, Rutherford

Sammons, Sanders, Sanderlin, Sawyer, Savills, Scarborough, Scott, Senhorn, Sebren, Seburn, Simpson, Sivills, Snowden, Spear, Spears, Spellman, Spencer, Spry, Stafford, Staples

Tarkington, Tatlock, Taylor, Torksey, Trafton, Trueblood

Uptain, Upton

West, Whaley, White, Williams, Willeroy

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