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Kit 25696, Joseph Mason (b. 1830s PA), John Scott Mason.  Haplogroup R1b1 Y-DNA25

Oldest Known Ancestor

Family lore indicates decendency from George Mason (1725-1792), author of the Virginia Resolves.  However, I have a George Mason relative who left Philadelphia, returning to England, during the American revolution.
My ggrandparents: Joseph Mason1 (b. PA) spouse Josephine ???? (b. 1840 PA).  Grace Mason (b.  1873 in MN); my grandparents, Benjamin Franklin Mason2 (b. abt 1874 in MN, d. 1948), moved to Indiana in his youth; spouse: Laura Geeseman (b. abt 1874); Vincent E. Mason (b. 1877 in IN); Edward S. Mason (b. 1879 in IN).  My father, James Benjamin Mason3 (b. 1904) and Admiral Redfield Mason, believed to be a cousin of my father, were born in Martinsville, IN.  I've found Larry Mason who's grandfather was a brother of my grandfather.


PA > MN > IN


John S. Mason --

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