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Kindred Carter

Kindred Carter (c. 1750-1800) came to Georgia from the 
Bertie-Edgecombe-Hertford area of northeastern North Carolina where his 
family had lived for several generations.

He was of the 5th generation in descent from Thomas Carter, Sr. who came in 
1637 from England to Isle of Wight County, Virginia.  

Thomas Carter's only known child was Thomas, Jr., who married Magdalene Moore 
and left a will in 1710.  In that will, Thomas, Jr. did not name all of his 
children, but Moore Carter (c. 1680-1741) who married Jane and moved to Bertie 
County, North Carolina, is believed to have been his son.  Moore left a will 
naming a son Isaac who married Ruth and died after 1790.

Isaac and Ruth were the parents of Kindred and James, among others.
Kindred and James both came to Georgia.

Kindred Carter settled in Richmond County, on the frontier of the new state, 
along Little Germany creek.  This land is now part of McDuffie County, 
approximately 35 miles west of Augusta, Georgia.  At his death in 1800, his 
estate listed four heirs:

James, b. 1773 in North Carolina.


Pete Austin -->

Here is my file on Isaac Carter Sr. and Jr.  
Will be glad to share the entire file starting with Capt. Thomas Carter 
from Virginia.

Third Generation

3. Joseph Carter, (2.CaptainThomas2, 1.Captain1) b. 1696, Barford, Lancaster
Co VA, d. 1750.

He married Catharine Stevens, 1719.

  4. i Robert Carter.
  ii Mary Elizabeth Carter.

She married James Davis.

Fourth Generation

4. Robert Carter, (3.Joseph3, 2.CaptainThomas2, 1.Captain1).

  5. i Capt. Isaac Carter.
  ii Robert Carter Jr.
  iii Rachel Carter.
  iv George Carter.
  v Olive Carter.
  vi Michael Carter.
  6. vii Isaac Carter II b. c1745.

Fifth Generation

5. Capt. Isaac Carter, (4.Robert4, 3.Joseph3, 2.CaptainThomas2, 1.Captain1)
d. 07-08-1792, St Johns, Hertford Co NC.

He married (1) Sarah Browne, (daughter of Dr Samuel Browne and Mary Jones).

  7. i Maj.Isaac Carter Jr.
  ii Hugh Carter.
  8. iii Josiah Carter.
  iv Martha Carter.
  9. v James Carter.
  10. vi Lazarus Carter.
  vii Matthew Carter, b. 1741/45, d. 1793.

He married (2) Ruth Outlaw?.

  viii Lewis Carter.

6. Isaac Carter II, (4.Robert4, 3.Joseph3, 2.CaptainThomas2, 1.Captain1) b.
c1745, d. 1805/10.

  i Drewry Carter, b. c1770/74.
  ii Wilie Carter.
  iii Josiah Carter, b. 1774/75.
  iv Lewis Carter, b. 1774/84.
  v Isaac Carter IV, b. 1790/94, d. 1844.
  vi Daughter #1 Carter.
  11. vii Daughter #2 Carter.

Sixth Generation

7. Maj.Isaac Carter Jr, (5.Capt.5, 4.Robert4, 3.Joseph3, 2.CaptainThomas2,

  i Sallie Carter.

She married Maj. Jacob Sharp

I know that an Isaac Carter (landowner of Bertie Co) connects with my 
Cullen and Cader just don't know how they connect.
I really was hoping that if I found the will of Cullen Carter it might 
shed some light on things.

The follow information was found in Greene Co., Georgia Land Records 
Deeds 1785-1810 Abstracted by Freda R. Turner located in DeKalb County 
Public Library in their Special Collections Room: 

Deed Book CC page 486:
Cullin Carter Greene County State of Georgia - Cato Carter of Greene 
County appointed as his lawful attorney, William Easen of Greene County 
on 31 August 1810 to act for him in the State of North Carolina to 
collect whatever is due him from the estate of Isaac Carter, deceased, 
which fell into the hands of Cullin Carter in his lifetime, Wit: William 
Johnson, J.P., and E. E. Park.  Recorded 10 September 1810.

Cullen Carter died and a Will was probated in NC 1804  Bertie County  
Will Book E page 233

Historical and Genealogical Register, Vol. II Contents - October 1901 
Page 506 Abstract of Bertie County Wills

Carter, Cullen Apl. 20, 1804; May Term 1804.  Wife Peggy, my children, 
wife Exr. Test, Benjamin, Carter, S. Turner

Other Carters listed on the page are:

William C. Carter May 26, 1826: May 26, 1826, Wife Temperance, Elisha A. 
Rhodes, Exr.  Test, Isaac J. Kittrell, Hanry Castellow.

Turner Carter Sept 28, 1834; Aug Term 1835.  My mother, wife Sally, 
daughter Ann Hasseltine, niece William Temperance Carter, Jonathan S. 
Taloe, Exr.  Test, Jos. B. Outlaw, Temperance Carter.

page 507

Temperance Carter Dec 29, 1835; May term 1836.  
Daughter William Tempweance Carter, Cullen Capehart, Jonathan S. Tayloe 
and brother George Holley Exrs.  Test, Jonathan S. Tayloe, Geo. Standley
Margaret Carter June 24, 1836; Nov Term 1836. Son Turner Carter, 
grand-daughter Margaret Eliza Ryan, Wm Turner Ryan (son of Marcus), 
grand-dauighters Wm Temperance Carter and Ann Hasseltine Carter, 
Jonathan S. Tayloe Exr.  Test, Wm. W. Cherry, L.S. Webb

Again thank you.
Helen in Alabama
Blackwell-Carter-Midyette House, 1989.

(Photo by Kay Midgett-Sheppard)

This remarkable rural Italianate house lies at the westward boundary of the 
Fairfield Historic District which is part of a 640-acre patent to James Clayton 
in 1757. In the late 1850's, David Carter, Jr. commissioned Cason Emery Swindell 
to build this home for his daughter, Laura Elizabeth (1838-1912), upon her 
marriage to Edward L. Blackwell (1830-1870). One of Fairfield's earliest ornate 
Victorian designs, the house is set off by the extensive lawn with a backdrop of 
pecan trees and is distinguished by its tall, stately proportions. The one-story 
entrance porch reiterates the Italianate decoration of the two-story block; drop 
pendant brackets repeat those of the main roofline and fluted porch posts with 
bracketed capitals mimic the corner boards. Sidelights and a transom in a frame 
of fluted pilasters and consoles flank the front door. The transom retains its 
original panes of glass painted in a floral motif which originally also appeared 
in the sidelights. The gracefully curving staircase with turned balusters is 
similar to that of the Patrick Simmons House. Several interior doors retain their 
original painted graining. An octagonal motif is carried throughout the house in 
the shape of the chimney stack, the exterior panels of the front door, and the 
slanted newel post. Unique to Hyde County is the hall across the front and two 
rooms side-by-side behind. The kitchen-dining room was moved next door where it 
was enlarged for a dwelling. Except for the extension of an original shed at the 
west end of the rear elevation across the entire facade, the house has remained 
more or less intact.

In 1902, Laura Carter Blackwell sold her house and property in Fairfield to her 
brother, Henry Clay Carter. In his will dated 31 May 1919, Henry Clay Carter left 
the Blackwell farm (about 50 acres) and house to his daughter Jennie C. Midyette. 
In June 1932, Jennie (Jane Lindsay) Carter Midyette and husband Allen Burrus 
Midyette sold the house and four acres of land to their son Allen Lindsay Midyette. 
At the death of Allen Lindsay Midyette, the house and property passed to his widow, 
Gertrude, and sons Norfleet and Allen Midyette. In 1993, Karl and Gladys Stimpson 
of Pfafftown, Forsythe County, N.C. purchased the house and property from Norfleet 
and Allen Midyette.

In recent years, the Stimpson's refurbished an existing east side entrance to the 
front hall, installed a new kitchen, added a half bath under the stairwell in the 
entry hall and a full bath on the second floor, refinished all of the heart pine 
floors, repaired the plaster and installed crown moldings throughout the house, 
and added central heat and air conditioning. In addition, they made a window 
covered with plexiglass in the floor and on one wall so that visitors can view 
the original construction of the building. On the exterior of the house, the 
original shutters were removed, repaired, and rehung and the entire house received 
a new coat of paint. This is, once again, the beautiful home it once was when owned 
by Edward L. and Laura Elizabeth Carter Blackwell.

BY: High Tides; Spring 1998; pgs. 4-5


Chester County, PA Ships Listing for The Bristol Merchant 

Here are the passengers listed as being aboard this ship matching my surnames. 

Date of Arrival: 9th month, 10, 1685  Master: John Stephens

Thomas and Frances Carter and family: Thomas, Henry, John and Ann.

Arthur Smith.


Chester County Ships Listing for The Providence 

Here are the passengers listed as being aboard this ship matching my surnames. 

Date of Arrival: 9/29/1682  Master: Robert Hopper.

William Carter.

Contact: Anne Bartee

ID: I2071 
Name: Mahala GIBBS 
Given Name: Mahala 
Surname: Gibbs 
Sex: F 
Death: OCT 1825

Father: Cason GIBBS b: ABT 1749 
Mother: Dinah or Dianna BARTEE

Marriage 1 Peleage SPENCER b: 26 JAN 1764
 Dianah Elizabeth SPENCER b: ABT 1800
 Cason Gibbs SPENCER b: 22 AUG 1802
 Sarah Lindsey SPENCER b: 4 NOV 1808

Marriage 2 David CARTER b: 29 NOV 1771
Married: 9 JAN 1817


~An inventory~ and account of sales of the estate of David CARTER, SEN'R., 
dec'd., sold on 21st of December 1829

Various buyers at this very lengthy sale included: Samuel SPENCER, David CARTER, 
William YOUNG, Mary SWINDELL, Luranah CARTER, Ivy Saunderson, Riley MURRAY, Benj. 
SPENCER, SENR., Samuel MASTERS, and Reuben BERRY; Many notes and judgments listed; 
Widow's part which listed the following Negroes: George, Jude, David & Hetty; A 
list of the property left to the several heirs included Negroes Sam, Pomp, Ruth, 
Fanny, Tom, Isabel, and Jane.

I certify that the within is a true inventory & copy of account of sales of the 
estate of David CARTER, SENR., dec'd.

[signed] David CARTER, Ext'r.


David CARTER, SEN'R. 24 June 1827 / Probate: November Term 1829

I desire that all my just debts be paid and in particular that a fair and just 
settlement be made between me and my wife and my wife's children's children whom 
I am guardian for and them paid off out of the notes and money which I leave on 
hand and if this is not enough then the balance to be made up out of the surplus 
left to be sold.

Wife: Susannah one Negro woman named Jude and her child Robbins together with all 
the children Jude may have; one Negro boy named David; all the property of every 
description that she had when I married her; a trunk I gave her, her choice of my 
horses, gig & harness, horse cart, one plow, 3 hoes, 2 axes; also all my hogs and 
provisions on hand such as in the smokehouse; 50 barrels of corn, 30 bushels of 
wheat, 150 weight of cotton in seed, all the flax on hand, and all the poultry and 
cattle in her mark. I lend her the use and labor of my Negro man George during her 
natural life.

Daughter: Priscilla CARTER during her natural life to have one Negro girl named 
Jane and 47 acres of land that I bought of Henry GIBBS. If she should marry and 
have a child or children then I give it to them, but if she has no children then 
I give the Negro girl Jane to my son, David CARTER, after the death of Priscilla.
And in case there are no lawful heirs of Priscilla, the 47 acres I give to my 
granddaughter Junnetta COX after Priscilla's death.

Daughter: Naome COX I give 90 acres of land I bought at the execution sale of the 
property of Henry GIBBS and whereon Thomas HARRIS now lives. Also 50 acres at 
Pungo River Shallop Creek that I bought at the execution sale of the property of 
Tho. W. SATTERTHWAIT. Also 50 acres at Swan Quarter that I bought out of John 
SELBY's deed of trust to Benj. SAUNDERSON, Esq. Also my Negro man Pomp and $200 in 

Daughter: *POLLY SWINDELL* I give 50 acres on the Ridge that I bought at the execution 
sale of the property of Henry GIBBS whereon his father formerly lived. Also my Negro 
woman Isabella. Also I give her my Negro Tom Bolin?

Son: David CARTER I give my gun, clock and watch and one set of silver table spoons, 
together with what I have already given him.

Daughter: Betsy F. SPENCER I give 3 Negros named Ruth & Fanny, and after my wife's 
death my Negro man George with what I have already given her. Also my side board.

Daughter: Barbara S. YOUNG I give 1091/2 acres at White Plains that I bought of Nasa 
FARROW, together with what I have already given her.

As soon after my death as is convienent all the remainder of my personal property 
not legacied in this will is to be sold by my executor and added to what money, notes 
& debts are due me and applied to the pay of all my just debts and the $200 legacied 
to my daughter Naome COX, and if there is any left it is to be divided equally between 
my wife and my 3 daughters: Priscilla, Naome and Barbara.

Executor: son, David CARTER

Witnesses: Robert JENNETT, Hnery COHOON

[signed] David CARTER, SR.  {pgs. 608-610}


24. Naomy COX "being weak in body" 6 September 1830 / Probate: November Term 1830

Two daughters: Mahalah COX and Elizabeth COX I give and bequeath all the land and 
plantation that my father David CARTER gave me on the Ridge containing 90 acres to 
be divided equally. 
Son: Benjamin COX $250.00 
My will and desire is that all the residue of my lands and other estsate shall be 
sold by my executor on a credit of 6 months and the proceeds after paying my just 
debts to be equally divided between Jesse COX, David COX, Mahalah COX, Elizabeth 
COX, Richard COX, and Benj. COX.

Executor: David CARTER


[signed] Naomy (x) COX    {pg. 30}

Henry Carter - Will
Bath, Beaufort and Hyde 03 Feb 1735-

1736 09 Mar 1735

Sons: John ("plantation I now live on"), Henry, Solomon, Walter. Wife and Executrix: 
Margret. Executor: John Carter (son). Witnesses: Edw'd Hadley, Gilbert McNeary, Gild 
Silverthorn. Justices: Robt. Turner, Simon Alderson, Seth Pilkinton. Clerk of the 
Court: John Collison. 
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