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    -- Available: "Census Records of Goose Creek Island 1790-1920" -by Odell Spain It was called the Pamplico Township in early census records of Beaufort County. It is 120 Pages with maps of the Island in the Back. Available only from me.$16.00 plus shipping.
    -- Available: " Last Will and Testament Of 71 completed Wills from Early 1700 to 1980" -by Odell Spain 85 pages of Good reading on how the ole folks wanted their worldly possessions divided up. Most does not show the names of their wife, but the animal's name were shown.$16.00 plus shipping.
    -- Available: "The Spains of Eastern North Carolina & Associated Families" -by Odell Spain 268 pages, starting in 1753 in Surry County Virgina, on to Pitt County N.C. and migrating over the area.$40.00 plus shipping.
    -- Available: Cap'n Dells Stories -by Odell Spain His View of Life along the Outer Banks, Way Back When ! $19.95 plus shipping. Snail mail address is: William O. Spain P.O. Box 123, Hobucken, N.C. 28537 phone 252-745-3650.

    --A brief history from the county's earliest habitation to its modern place in NC's history.
    The book is selling for $10.00 (plus $4.00 shipping and tax is .65 for a total of $14.65).
    To order write:

    -- "THE GOOSE CREEK ISLANDER" -1874 to 1974. It is basically a History, Gossip, and local lore book. The book has 95 pages. It is soft light blue cover. dimension of page about 7' x 10'. Many people contributed to the book and it does have lots of useful info. The book is selling @ $12.00 plus shipping. To order write or call: Mrs. L Frank (Hazel) Alcock at 252/745-3923. Hobucken,NC 28515

    -- Also available is: "PAMLICO CEMETERIES" by Dixie Willis of Arapahoe.

    -- Also avaliable is: "REELSBORO IN PAMLICO COUNTY ," by Mildred Reel Buck. (252) 637-6852. It is a comprehensive book concerning the area known as Goose Creek Mills area, Reel's Crossroads, Reel's Corner and Reel's Store. It was my attempt to document the families of Reelsboro and locations of most of the old homes. It also includes information relating to J. B. Reel Enterprises which were a general store, grist mill, saw mill, cotton gin, blacksmith shop and warehouses. The store also housed the first and only post office in Reelsboro. The book includes surnames of Dixon, Caton, Reel, Prescott, Holton, etc. $20 each plus $4 S & H.

    -- Also avaliable is: "REEL," by Mildred Reel Buck.(252) 637-6852 (Pamlico & Craven Counties). . It begins with Peter Reel who was born prior to 1698. It speaks of the Hugenots settling in this area and lists "Real" as one of the settlers. The book includes surnames of Reel, Jones, Wade, Barrington, etc. $20 each plus $4 S & H.

    -- Also avaliable is: "ANTHONY BUCK FAMILY" by Mildred Reel Buck. (252) 637-6852(Pamlico & Craven Co). Anthony Buck was born ca 1799. The Buck families in this area are descendants of the eight children of Anthony Buck. The book includes surnames of Buck, Caton, Dunn, Pipkin, etc. $20 each plus $4 S & H.
  • -- Also Available: "THE CAREY FAMILY - Then And Now" -by Barbara Carey Lupton (252) 745-5275. It is a 136 page, perfect bound book with laminated outside cover. There is an nine page index, which shows associated surnames, such as Brabble, Caraway, Clark, Day, Edwards, Gatlin, Gooding, Jewell, Martin, Paul, Powers, Rolison, Slade, Whorton, Williams, and Willis, as well as many more. This book dates the Carey Family back to 1790 in Craven/Pamlico Counties. The price of the book is $30, plus $3.00 for S&H and insurance.

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