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     The above piece of land is located on a portion of what was formerly 
known as Avon Plantation between Grimesland and Greenville.  It is surrounded
by an iron fence with a gate upon which is the date "1855" and "B. Grimes".  
This proves by deed to have been the property first of Demsie Grimes on 
Chicod Creek which was deeded to his son William Grimes.  Eleven of the 
graves, except that of Elizabeth Grist show evidences that these 
particular stones were placed here at a fairly recent date.

     The property in questions lies in the Washington Quadrangle, 7.5 Minute 
Topgraphic Map from the U.S. Gelogical Survey at the following coordinates:  
3940-3941N and 98-99W.  The woods shown on this map are accurate in this 

     In 1917 Avon Plantation was divided for sale.  A map of the division is 
registered in Map Book 1, Page 124, in the office of the Register of Deeds 
of Pitt County.  The grave yard is located on Lot 9 of said sub-division, 
which sub-division contains 23.3 acres, and the map indicates the grave 
yard as containing 2 acres.  Reference is also had to the following 
instruments of record:  Avon Plantation containing 2500 acres belonged to 
the late William Grimes of Raleigh at the time of his death, shortly prior 
to 1896.  He willed it to his wife, Mrs. Elizabeth H. Grimes, which will is 
recorded in Book 3, page 52 and 53 of Record of Wills of Pitt County, which 
refers to the grave yard.

     On January 21, 1896, by deed registered in Book B-6, Page 339, Elizabeth H. 
Grimes conveyed Avon Plantation to Walter H. Grimes.  The deed contains the 
following language: "Excepting nevertheless two acres around the grave 
yard, which is hereafter conveyed to the said Walter H. Grimes".  Later in 
said deed she conveys the 2 acres of land which 2 acres is the grave yard 
referred to in the 5th Item of said Will, and is the center of it:  "To 
have and to hold, said 2 acres of land upon the trusts and for the purposes 
directed and set out in the 5th Item of the Will."

     On July 2, 1900, by deed registered in Book A-7, Page 170, Walter H. Grimes 
for a consideration of $700.00, conveyed Avon Plantation to his wife, Alice 
M. Grimes, which conveyance contained the following paragraph:  "But 2 
acres around the grave yard is expressly reserved and excepted from the 
operation of the conveyance in accordance with the provisions of Item 5 of 
the will of the said William Grimes."

     On December 27, 1902, by deed registered in Book B-7, Page 230, Walter H. 
Grimes and wife, for a consideration of $13,500.00 conveyed Avon Plantation 
to S.T. White and W.H. White.  This deed reserved the 2 acres in question 
for a grave yard.

     In May of 1995, John B. Grimes conducted a photo survey of this Graveyard 
to resolve some conflicts in recorded data.  The attached data is 
consistent with all photos taken and is deemed accurate.  The Gravestone 
information is quotes represents accurately what is on the Gravestone. 

     There are 18 graves in the grave yard with a tomb stone to each grave.  
Seventeen of the tomb stones are exactly alike except for the name and age 
of the person buried there.  All of these tomb stones appear to have been 
erected at the same time, apparently about 50-60 years ago.  The tomb stone 
that is different is on grave number 10 and appears to be considerably 
older than the other tomb stones.  In the corner of that tomb stone, next 
to the ground appears: "Made by William O'Cain, Washington, N.C., Agent."

   Note:  Alston Grimes made a note:  "Jenny Grimes, wife of Thomas Grimes", 
"Thomas Grimes, a faithful servant."  Grave markers of slaves along the 
ridge outside the Grimes cemetary at Avon."

   Note:  This property is private and visitors should obtain permission to 
enter the Cemetery from either Robert Grimes, PO Box 414, Plymouth, NC 
27962; or from John B. Grimes, 9738 Swift Creek Court, Fairfax Station, VA 
22039, well in advance of your intent to visit.

   Upon entering the graveyard from the entrance in the fence, the listing 
below is from the far left corner, left to right.

   Note: Dates in angle-brackets (<>) are interpolated and do not appear 
literally on the markers.

 1.  DEMSIE GRIMES, An Emigrant From Virginia


 3.  Child of DEMSIE AND PENELOPE GRIMES.  Two of two.

 4.  Child of DEMSIE AND PENELOPE GRIMES.  One of two.

 5.  JOHN, Child of Wm AND ANNE GRIMES

     b. Apr 15, 1792
     d. Oct  4, 1793     [Prayer book p.2, p.4] Dates not on tombstone.)

 7.  In Memory of Wm. GRIMES
     Born March 29th 1766
     Died Oct 1797       [Prayer book confirms dates.]

 8.  In Memory of Mrs ANNE GRIMES, Wife of Wm Grimes
     Died March 4th 1828, Aged 66 Years.
     b. ?  
     d. Mar 4, 1828      [Prayer book confirms p. 11]

 9.  In Memory of ANNE GRIMES, Daughter of Wm AND ANNE GRIMES
     Born Jan 19th 1798. Aged about 6 years.
     b. Jan 19, 1798
     [Prayer book shows Anne M.E. Grimes born Jan 19, 1798; p. 112, 298.]

10.  In Memory of Mrs. ELIZABETH GRIST, consort of READING GRIST
     WHO DIED NOV 11, 1843, Aged 75 years.
     d. Nov 11, 1843. 
     (in righthand corner of the stone is inscribed, 
     William O'Cain, Washington, N.C. Agent)
     Note: This is the most elaborate stone in the cemetery.

11.  In Memory of WILLIE Wm GRIMES, son of WM AND ANNE GRIMES.
     Born Aug 21st 1796, Died Jan 10th 1812 age 15.

12.  In Memory of Wm GRIMES WILLIAMS.
     Son of J.O'K. WILLIAMS. AND SARAH His Wife.

13.  In Memory of SARAH WILLIAMS, Daughter of Wm GRIMES And Wife
     of J. O'K. WILLIAMS.

14.  In memory of Sarah Bryan (Grimes) 
     Died August 1809.  Aged About 60 Years.
     d. Aug 1, 1809
     (Earlier this gravestone was not located since it is at the base of a
     tree at the far left side against the  	fence (as one faces the
     graveyard from the gate).  It is nearly covered over by the trunk of
     the tree.)

15.  In memory of MARY BRYAN
     Died in 1816, Aged 82 Years

     BORN JULY 13, 1793.
     DIED MARCH 17, 1860.
     An Honest Man, The Noblest Work of God
     all dates confirmed with Prayer Book: p. 13, p. 3.

17.  In Memory of Mrs. LUCY OLIVIA GRIMES, Daughter of JOHN G. BLOUNT
     And Wife of BRYAN GRIMES.
       "Our Mother.	
        She Taught Us How to Live
        And How to Die
        And with a Mother's
        Blessing, left Us."
      June 29th 1854, Aged 55 years.
      b. ?  (1799 extp)
      d. Jun 29,	1854

     Born July 26th 1837. Died Jun 12th 1853.

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