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Our generous donor: Tracy Stancill

   Highway 33 from Greenville north to Belvoir. 
At the crossroads at Belvoir turn right onto Porter Road. 
Go about 3 or 4 miles to the old Stancill homeplace which 
is located on the left side of the road in a curve. The old 
house sits right on the road and is very dilapidated. 
Mailbox across the road in front of the house reads John 
Stancill. The graveyard is located on the left side of the 
road just past the house and off in the field .
NOTE: Anything in parenthesis is NOT on the tombstone but is 
provided as additional identifying information.

Godfrey Stancill Feb. 26,1776-Nov. 16,1850 Aged 74 Ys, 8 Ms & 20 Ds
We cherish thy memory dear father

Dorcas wife of Godfrey Stancill Sept. 6,1780-July 9, 1846 
Aged 65 Ys, 9 Ms & 3 Ds
We cherish thy memory dear mother(maiden name was Jones)

Wiley Stancill Sept. 14,1811-May 1,1882(son of Godfrey and Dorcas)

Trezina E. wife of James Johnston Jan. 17, 1817-April 4, 1899
Mother gone but not forgotten. At rest. (Dau of Godfrey and Dorcas)

Elizabeth Ann consort of Nathan Stancill who died Sept. 6, 1843 
Aged 22 Ys, 4 Ms & 18 Ds. O how happy are they who the saviour 
obey. (Nathan was the son of Godfrey and Dorcas.)

Henry Stancill Died May 18, 1889 Aged 85 Years
His memory is blessed. (Son of Godfrey and Dorcas)

Margaret L. wife of Henry Stancill Died Sept. 1876 Aged 68 Years
There is rest in Heaven. (maiden name was Latham)

Agnes Cornelia wife of J.E. Randolph Jun. 12, 1842-Aug. 29, 1901
Mother gone but not forgotten.(Dau of Henry Stancill)

J.E. Randolph May 2, 1832-1909

Louisa Stancill Mar. 13, 1835- Aug. 29, 1904
(Dau of Henry and Margaret Stancill)

Susan A. Stancill Nov. 20, 1850-Jan. 14, 1910
(Dau of Henry Stancill)

Sarah F. Stancill wife of Rev. Henry Parker May 16, 1840-Mar. 25, 1918
At rest.(Dau. of Henry Stancill)

Eld Henry Parker Sept. 28, 1840-Nov. 14,1887

Mary A.E.J. wife of C.H. Jenkins and Dau of Jesse and Harriett Stancill

Mar. 11, 1837-Aug. 2, 1856 Aged 19 Ys, 4 Ms & 21 Ds
(Jesse is the son of Godfrey and Dorcas)

Mary D. Mayo Aug. 5, 1835- Feb. 2, 1901 
Daughter of W.J. & Rachel Stancill and wife of R.E. Mayo. 
Forever with the Lord.(William J. is the son of Godfrey and Dorcas)

R.E. Mayo June 29, 1838- Jan. 5, 1906

Theo J. Stancill son of Godfrey and Dorcas Stancill 
July 5, 1818-Sept. 14, 1892. At rest.
(Theophilus J. Stancill-"Orphy")

Martha Daughter of Jas and Letitia Johnson, wife of Theo J. Stancill 
July 14, 1825-Aug. 23, 1883. At rest.

Alice L. Dau of T.J. & Martha Stancill Oct. 25, 1852-Feb. 26, 1914
God gave. He took. He will restore. He doeth all things well.

Nathan W. Stancill Aug. 7, 1857-Jan. 11, 1926. A faithful father.
(Son of Theo J. & Martha)

Mother- Ella V. Robinson 1862-1927 With Christ in Heaven
(Dau of Theo J. & Martha)

Father- Enoch T. Robinson 1856-1927 Asleep in Jesus

James F. Stancill Died Dec. 26, 1936 Aged 78 Yrs.(Mortuary marker. 
Son of Theo J. and Martha)

Martha J. Robinson Oct. 22, 1860-June 20, 1935(Dau of Theo J. & Martha)

M.A. Robinson Sept. 5, 1858-Sept. 8, 1923
Thy eternal God is thy refuge and underneath are the everlasting arms.

John A. Robinson North Carolina Mech 321 INF May 23, 1937 Age 45 Years

Emma Stancill Little 1869-1936(Dau. of Theo J. and Martha)

Crandle Little 1850-1930

Godfrey L. Stancill Apr. 27, 1866- Nov. 20, 1932
(Son of Theo J. & Martha)

Dora L. Stancill Dec.17, 1874-Apr. 3, 1956 
(Dau. of John Ashley Bullock and wife of Godfrey L.) 
Father let thy grace be given that we may meet in Heaven.

Rufus Garland Stancill Dec. 28, 1896-Apr. 26, 1959
(Son of Godfrey L. and Dora)

Anna Blanch Stancill May 29, 1901-June 6, 1943
(maiden name was Walters-wife of Rufus Garland)

Anna Bell Salamone Sept. 5,1922-Dec. 18, 1992
(Dau. of Rufus Garland and Anna)

Rufus G. Stancill Jr. June 29,1921-Jan. 6, 1992
(Married Dorothy J.)

Dorothy J. Stancill Oct. 25, 1915-Feb. 20, 1999
(wedding date inscribed on stone) July 8, 1946

Melba Stancill Smith Feb. 3,1904-July 6, 1993
(Dau. of Godfrey L. and Dora)

Marvin E. Smith Aug. 15,1897-Jan. 12, 1965

Katie Odell Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Smith 
Apr. 8, 1926-Sept. 9, 1946
Our loved one gone but not forgotten.

Wilton Jones Stancill July 9, 1914-June 18, 1993. 
Son of Godfrey L. and Dora B.(Married Mae Meeks)

Lillie Mae Meeks Stancill Feb. 25, 1912- Oct. 13, 1994. 
Daughter of Johnny M. and Bessie D. 
I did know thee in the wilderness. Hos 13:5

Milton Ray Stancill Aug. 30, 1946-Mar. 3, 1947. 
Son of Wilton J. and Lillie M.
Of such is the kingdom of Heaven. Matt 19:14

Shirley Mae Stancill Mar. 31, 1945-

Looking for the blessed hope and glorious 
appearing of our great God and saviour Jesus Christ. Titus 2:13
(Dau. of Wilton J. and Mae Stancill. **Still alive.)

Ralph T. Ross Oct. 25, 1938-Mar. 11, 1995 
Death is swallowed up in victory.
(companion of Shirley Stancill)

Relationships of the remaining few individuals are uncertain. 
They are as follows:

 Johnny R. Stancill May 13,1903-Dec. 10, 1927. Gone but not forgotten.

 Eliza Simmons Nov. 23,1864-June 12, 1905

 Annie E. wife of Bithel Fleming Oct. 18, 1872-Nov. 6, 1910

 (Name illegible) who died Oct. 23, 1843 Aged 1 Yr. 9 Mos & 22 Days

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