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Rockingham County of north-central NC, is bounded by Caswell, Guilford and Stokes and the State of Virginia. The present land area is 564.94 square miles and the 1990 population was 86,064.

Rockingham was formed in 1785 from Guilford. It was named in honor of Charles Watson-Wentworth, Second Marquis of Rockingham, who was a leader of a party in the British Parliament which advocated American independence. He was Prime Minister when the Stamp Act was repealed.

The first court was held at the home of Adam Tate, at which time the justices were to decide on the place for holding future courts until the courthouse could be erected. In 1787 an act was passed which directed the courthouse to be erected on the land of Charles Mitchell on the east side of Big Rock House Creek. In 1796 an act was passed authorizing the purchase of land from Robert Galloway & Company, where public buildings were situated, and the community of Wentworth was established. In 1797 an act was passed suspending operations on the Wentworth courthouse. In 1798 commissioners were named to establish Wentworth on land given by Robert Galloway for that purpose. The first court was held at Wentworth in May, 1799. Wentworth is the county seat.

Rockingham County Historical Society 
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 Genealogical Society of Rockingham and Stokes Counties 
To join the GSRS, write to P.O. Box 152, Mayodan, NC 27027-0152. 
Dues:  Individual $15, Family $20 
The society holds quarterly meetings plus two swap meets, and members receive quarterly journals.

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