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Wilkes County

Wilkes County was formed from Surry County and the District of Washington in 1777. It was named in honor of John Wilkes who was an opponent of the Tory party in England. Wilkes County is bounded by Yadkin, Alexander, Caldwell, Watauga, Ashe, Alleghany and Surry Counties. The county seat of Wilkes County is Wilkesboro.

Some Surnames Of Wilkes County

Absher, Adams, Allen, Allison, Alphin, Anderson, Armstrong, Ashley, Atchison,

Bailey, Baker, Baldwin, Ball, Banton, Barger, Barlow, Baarker, Barnes, Barton, Baugess, Becknell, Benfield, Benge,Bentley, Beshears, Biggings, Bird,Black, Blackburn, Blankenship,Boldin, Bolling, Bowers, Bowman,Braswell, Brewer, Broche, Brooks, Brotherton, Brown, Broyhill, Burce, Bryant, Buckner, Bumgarner, Bunton, Burchette, Burdine, Buttery, Byrd,

Campbell, Canter, Cardwell, Carpenter, Carson, Carter, Caardwell, Caton, Caeton, Cearley, Chambers, Chandler, Chappel, Chapman, Cheek, Christmas, Church, Clark, Clanton, Clayton, Clonch, Cockerham, Coffey, Cole, Coleman, Collier, Collins, Colston, Colvert, Combs,

Eastridge, Edmiston, Edwards, Elledge, Eller, Elrod, Epperson, Etchison,

Felts, Ferguson, Fields, Filts, Fitts,Finley, Flanary, Fletcher,Fortner,Foster, Fouts, Fox, Fyffe,

Gambill, Garris, Gibbons, Giddens, Gilliam, Gilreath, Gilvin, Glass, Goins, Gooch, Goodson, Gordon, Grant, Gray, Green, Greenwell, Greer, Griffin, Gwynn, Guest, Guess,

Hagler, Hall, Hamby, Hammon, Hammonds, Handy, Hapes, Harbin, Hardin, Harden, Haring, Harris, Harrison, Harrold, Hartley, Hawkins, Hays, Hayes, Hemric, Hemrick, Henderson, Hendon, Hendren, Hendrix, Henson, Herrin, Hicks, Hill, Higgins, Hodges, Holbrook, Holdaway, Holman, Hooper, Hopper, Howell, Howington, Hudson, Hulen, Hutson, Hudson,

Isaacs, Israel,

Jackson, James, Jarrell, Jarvis, Jenkins, Jennings, Jines, Johnson, Johnstone, Joines, Joins, Jolly, Jones, Joynes, Judd,

Kannady, Keaton, Keeton, Keeling, Kemp, Kendall, Kerby, Kerley, Kilbourn, Kilby, Killen, King, Knowland,

Ladd, Lane, Lansdown, Laws, Lay, Laxton, Leach, Lenderman, Lett, Lewis, Light, Livingston, Long, Lovelace, Loving, Lovan, Lowe, Love, Lyon, Lyons, Luffman, Lundy, Lunsford,

Marlow, Martin, Mason, Matherly, Mathis, Mayberry, Maynard, McBride, McCann, McGee, McGrady, McManus, McQueary, Melton, Michael, Miles, Miller, Minton, Mitchell, Mize, Moffett, Moody, Moore, Morefield, Morgan, Morris, Mullins, Mullis, Musick, Myers,

Neathery, Nicholson, Noland, Nolen, Norman,

Oliver, Oley, O'Rear, Osborn, Owen, Owens,

Pardue, Parker, Parkes, Parlier, Parsons, Pearson, Pendergrass, Pennell, Pennington, Perkins, Perry, Phillips, Pierce, Pilkenton, Pollard, Poplin, Porter, Presnell, Preston, Proffitt, Puritt,


Rainbolt,Rash, Ray, Recton, Reese, Reece, Reeves, Richardson, Roberts, Bovinet, Robinette, Robins, Rose, Rousseau, Royal, Russell,

Sale, Sales, Samuel, Sartain, Schumacher, Shearer, Seagraves, Sebastian, Self, Setliff, Shanklin, Shatley, Shoults, Shultz,Shore, Shular, Shuler, Shulse, Shults, Shumate, Sidden, Smoot, Snoddy, Sparks, Shatterly, Shell, Sheel, Shepherd, Shew, Shumaker, Shumate, Sidden,Simpson, Sisk, Sizemore, Smith, Smithey, Snow, Souther, Sparks, Spicer, Spradling, Sprinkle, Stailey, Staley, Standley, Stanley, Standley, Story, Strange, Steelman, Stewart, Stockburger, Stogskell, Stringer, Sturdivant, Sutliff, Sutphin, Swaim, Swain, Swanson, Sweeten, Sweetin, Sykes,

Taliaferro, Tally, Talley, Tanner, Taylor, Templeton, Tharpe, Thaxton, Thompson, Thornton, Tilly, Tilley, Toliver, Tompkins, Treadway, Triplett, Turner,


Vanhooser, Vannoy, Vickers,

Waddell, Waddle, Walker, Wall, Wallace, Wallis, Walsh, Walters, Warren, Watts, Webster, Welborn, Wellborn, Wells, West, Whittington, White, Wyatt, Wilborn, Wilcoxon, Willey, Williams, Wilmoth, Wilson, Winfrey, Wisdom, Witherspoon, Wood,Woodie, Wooton, Wright, Wyatt,

Yates, Yeargain

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