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Green Bryan Bible

James Hayward Family Bible

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Shine Bible, 1718-1783

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Paris Cemetery


1790 Census, NewBern District

Church Records

Christ Church Parish Baptism Records, New Bern

Christ Church Parish Burial Records, New Bern

Christ Church Parish Marriage Records, New Bern

Court Records

Misc. Wilcox Court Records

Court Records of Israel Baxter

Deeds/Land Records

Harford & Kirk Deeds

Abstracts of Deed Book 1- 39
Abstracts of Deed Book 6
Abstracts of Deed Book 7
Abstracts of Deed Books 8 - 10
Abstracts of Deed Books 11 - 12
Abstracts of Deed Books 17 - 20
Nancy M. Adams to Marietta Brewer, 1875
Nancy M. Adams to Thomas L. White, 1875
Philip Ambrose to Richard Cogdell, 1765
Thomas & Lydia Badger to Lydia Cogdell, 1794
Alexander Blackshear to Henry Roads, 1762
John A. Brice to Charles Cogdell, 1762
Mary Bright to John Daves, 1797
Bryan Family Deeds thru ca. 1800, Collection
Bryan Deed Abstracts, 1742-1786
John Bryan to Richard Cogdell, 1755
John Bryan to Richard Cogdell, 1756
John C. Bryan to Richard Cogdell, 1768
John C. Bryan to John Sears, 1792
John Campbell to George Bell, 1758
Peter Conway to Richard Cogdell, 1767
Edward Coward to Courtney Harper, 1797
Elizabeth Gatlin to Abner & Shadrick Gatlin, 1797
Hardy Gatlin Heirs to Laban Morris, 1814
Lazarus Gatlin & John Ipock, 1773 & 1805
Gatlin & Roe to Reel, 1816
Grantee Index for Gatlin's
Grantor Index for Gatlin's
James Harvey to Joseph Blount, 1777
John Hudler to John Standland, 1759
Isler Family Deeds, 1736-1774
Josiah Jones Land Division, 1813
King of Great Britain Land Grants
Charles King Deed Abstracts 1729-1732
William H. Lewis Claim, 1866
Cornelius Loftin to John Halloway, 1747
Cornelius Loftin to Jeremiah, Shadrick, Mary & Shallata Loftin, 1762
Leonard Loftin to Col. Thos. Pollock, 1715
Lords Proprietors to Cornelius Loftin, 1730
W. R. McCotter to M. Hahn & Co., 1894
Francis Nickles & Eleanor Bright to John Pearce, 1762
William Nunn & Wife to John Williams, 1745
Pamlico - Early County Settlers, 1745-1747
Ephraim Pearce to Alexander Reditt, 1822
John Pendar to Charles Cogdell, 1762
Phillips & Allied Family Deeds Collection, 1700s
Isaac Pipkin Sr. to Isaac Pipkin Jr., 1822
Robert Pitts to Benedictus Venery, 1728/9
Robert Potts Land Grant, 1759
Levi Powell to Pearcey Morgan, 1828
Amos Squires to Henry Tillman, 1801
John Rice to Richard Cogdell, 1762
Jacob Sheets & wife to Mary Moore, 1745
Benjamin Smith to Richard Cogdell, 1785
Henrietta Sparrow to Wm. H. Snell, 1864
Stanly & Mordecai to John Atkinson, 1829
Francis Stringer to James Lord, 1740
Francis Stringer Land Grant, 1747
Stringer Land Grants, 1737-1764
M.W.H. Sumrell to Leroy M. White & Nancy M. White, 1861
John & Sarah Talke to John Stanly, 1814
Taylor Deeds, Index and Abstracts, 1744-1880
Zilpha Cuthrell Tingle to her children, 1838
Leaven Whealton to John Tillman, 1778
Sally White, others to Thomas White, 1824
Whichcote White to William H. Ward & Nancy Ward, 1861
Lewis Williams to John A. Brice, 1763
Smith J. Wise to Shadrack R. Messick, 1860
John Wright to Eason Fulsher, 1815

Henrietta Sparrow to Wm. H. Snell

Estates and Inventories

An Inventory of The Estate of Richard Blackledge, 1777

Bryan Family Collection, Estate Records, pre-1850

James Bryan, 1805, Slaves At Partition

An Inventory of The Goods And Chattels Of John Carruthers

Dennis John Daly vs heirs, 1811

John Daly Estate Records

Deposition of John Green (John Daly Estate)

Dawson Family, pre-1840; abstracted collection

Vendrick Family estates


North Carolina Marriage Database - Index for Craven County

Henry T. White and Viola P. Morgan

Taylor Marriages

Marriage Bond of Noah Roe and Patsy Tuten


North Carolina Gazette Excerpts, re: John Daly

Some Cove City History is Reviewed

New Bern Sentinel Abstracts 1818- 1834

Craven Newspaper abstracts 1833-1848


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Tim McCoy, 1931

John G. King, 1840 (death notice)

Henry Thomas White, 1936

Wills and Estates

Will of John Fonvielle

Will of Briscoe Davis

Will of James Griffin

Will of John Wilcocks

Will of Lemuel Hatch

Will of Mark Harford

Will of Richard Blackledge

Will of William Blackledge

Will of William Starkey Nilor

Will of Solomon Beesley

Will of Simon Beesley

Will of Thomas Sparrow, Sr.

Will of Willis Mecoy

Will of Edmund Hatch

Will Book A Extracts for Letter W

William Arenton, 1761

John ALLEN 1794/95

Shadrack Allen 1780

Ann Bass Blackledge, 1805

Richard Blackledge, 1776

William S. Blackledge, 1856

William Bright, 1754

John Isler Brock, 1827

Bryan Family Wills, Collection

Charles Butler, 1861

John Carruthers, 20 Sep 1751

James Cuthrell, 27 Sep 1836

Dawson Family abstracts

John Fonvielle, 1773

Elizabeth Handcock, 1743/4

Edmund Hatch, Jr., 1821

Lemuel Hatch, 1774

Elizabeth Graves Henry, 1819-20

Richard Hill, 17 Feb 1728

John Kilpatrick, l8 Mar l760

Warre Kilpatrick 1821

George Kornegay

John Lenfield, 28 Mar 1766

David Murdock, 1795

John Sedgewick Nelson, 1833

Josephus Nelson, 1837

Slave Sale from Noble Estate, 1828

John Phillips, 1792

Thomas Phillips, 1743

Thomas Phillips, 1791

John Reeves, 13 Jul 1790

Thomas Royal, 1774

Willis Shipp

Francis Stringer, 8 Jan 1749

Vendrick Family wills

Archelaus Weeks, 1778

William Wickliffe, 1754

Vendrick Family Wills

Benjamin Wilcox, 1826

John Wilcox, 1761

Taylor Family Wills and Estates


Taylor Family

Hawkins Family

Combs Family

Kittrell Family

Jackson Family

Hill Brothers

Phillips Family

Bright Family


Craven County History

Old New Bern Postcard Slideshow

Skirmish of New Bern 1862

Historic Preservation Group - Help save our Civil War BattleFields

New Bern in the Civil War

Swiss and Palatines to New Bern

Battle of New Berne- 1862

NC Photographic Collection by UNC

Battle of Fort Anderson- 1863

State Historical Preservation Office

State Historical Preservation Office

Kellenberger Room - Local History & Genealogy


Town of River Bend

City of New Bern by Coastal Guide

Town of Havelock by Coastal Guide


Greenleaf Memorial Park

Kite Family Cemetery

The Political Graveyard




Caswell Family Letters

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