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Index and Abstracts of Deeds

Entries Pertaining to Anyone Named Joshua Barnes/Barns

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Index and Abstracts of Deeds of Record of Pitt County, North Carolina 
by Judith DePree Ellison
(Sent to Margaret Nelson 17 Apr 1998 by Elizabeth H. Sparrow of Greenville)

Entries Pertaining to Anyone Named Joshua Barnes/Barns

VOLUME I (1761-1785)
Barnes,Joshua—(ee)F-34; (ee)F-124; (ee) F-499

Deed Book F
Page   Date  Grantor  Grantee  Additional Information     

34  11/18/1773  Samuel Davis  Joshua Barnes  160 A; £66, Adj. Michael Ward (dec.)
 Former owner: John Ward, Sr. Wit: James Barrow

124  1/23/1775  Sarah Washington  Joshua Barnes  145 A; £45. Former owner: John
 Washington (Pat. 1758). Wit: Elias Bergeron, James Barrow.

499  1/20/1779   Elisha Gray & Lucy Gray, wife  Joshua Barnes  145 A; £260. 
Former owner: John Washington (Pat. 1758). Wit: Isaac Cason.

VOLUME I (1782-1802)
Barnes, Joshua—(W) I-65; (ee) I-81; (W I-561; (W) L-17;(ee) N-210; (ee) N-431; 
(W) N-504; (A) O-106; (ee) O-380; (or) O-382; (ee) O-540 Barns, Joshua—(W) N-399; 

Deed Book I
65  1/24/1783/  Wm Moore (1776)  Solomon Ward  300 A; £100. 
Former owner: David Webb. Wit: James Barrow, Joshua Barnes.

81 1/24/1783  Solomon Ward  Joshua Barnes  138 A; £100.

460  4/__/1785  Dorcas Hodge (JOHNS)  Joshua Barns 100 A; $6. Former owners: John Ward,
 grandfather of Dorcas Hodge, grantor; John Baget, John Ingram, Samuel Davis.

561 10/25/1785 Aaron Tison (G-1783)Ichabod Tison, son 320 A; love & aff. 
Wit: Joshua Barnes, Lewis Davis.

Deed Book L
7 10/25/1785 Aaron Tison (1783) Aaron Tison, Jr. son 200 A; ___. 
Wit: Joshua Barnes, Lewis Davis.

17  12/__/1785Samuel Davis Sr. (1782) Jacob Barnes (Southampton, Va.)640 A; £. 
Wit: Joshua Barnes, Samuel Davis.

Deed Book N

210 1/21/1795Frederick Ward  Joshua Barnes 300 A; £80. Wit: James Leggett, Coburn Eason.

399 10/1/1796 James Leggit Henry Williamson 337 A; $450. Ad. Narem Little. 
Wit: Joshua Barnes, Coburn Eason.

431  2/1/1796 Luke Bolton (EDGE) Joshua Barnes Negro; £150. Wit: Needham Ward, 
Manoah Amason.

504 12/28/1790 Jacob Barnes (Southampton Co., Va) Samuel Davis, Sr. 100 A; £20. 
Adj. Joshua Barnes. Wit: Lewis Davis, Joshua Barnes.

Deed Book O 

106 3/9/1797 Samuel Davis, Sr. Ichabod Tison 160 A: £100. Adj. Joshua Barnes. 
Wit: Benjamin May, Lemuel Deberry

380 11/14/1798 Samuel Moore Joshua Barnes 200 A. £50. Former owner: William Moore (1779.)

382  10/7/1799  Joshua Barnes, Jr. & Wm Barns Joshua Barnes, Sr. 516 A; £129+. 
Former owners: Samuel Davis, Sr. (1780) Jacob Barnes. Wit: Thomas Barnes, Jacob Barnes.

540  1/19/1801  Ichabod TisonJohn Williams  160 A+ 140 A; £100. Adj. Joshua Barnes, 
Jacob Barnes, Lewis Davis, Lemuel Deberry. Wit: Benjamin Bynum, Etheldred Deberry.

Lemuel Deberry was a witness for a deed in Pitt County, NC.   The deed was 
Samuel Davis, Sr. to Icabod Tison, dated 3/0/1797.  The land adjoined that of 
Joshua Barnes.  The other witness was Benjamin May.  Etheldred Deberry was a witness 
in a deed dated 1/191801 of Icabod Tison to John Williams.  The land adjoined 
JoshuaBarnes, Jacob Barnes, Lewis Davis and Lemuel Deberry.  The other witness 
was Benjamin Bynum.

VOLUME III (1801-1817)


Deed Book P

140 5/2/1802 Wm Eastwood, Sherrif  Stephen Rogers  160 A; £35. Former owners: James Moore,
 Jordan Moore, William Vines. Adj. Absalom Rogers.

256  4/5/1802 James Leaget & Cloe Leaget Amos Ward Adj. Joshua Barns, Amos Ward. 
Wit: Jonathan Ward, Frederick Ward, Stephen Ward.

273 Not found--Wit: Joshua Barnes

320  11/26/1802 Sarahan Smith (St. Stephens Parish, S.C.)  Joshua Barnes Negro; £400. 
Wit: Benjamin May, Jr. Benjamin Bynum.

409  10/12/1803  Lewis Davis  Joshua Barnes  Negro; $501.48. Wit: Gardener Moye, 
Gilead Thigpen.

Deed Book Q

264  5/4/1806  Joshua Barnes  Joseph Bynum  427 A; $630. Wit: Gideon Bynum, Turner Bynum.

326  6/18/1805Joshua Barnes  Lemuel Moore  185 A; £75. Wit: Ichabod Tison, 
Gideon Bynum, Samuel Moore.

434  1/1/1807Joseph Bynum  Turner Bynum  463 A; $1100. Wit: Joshua Barnes, Sally Dupee.

Deed Book R

138  12/24/1807  Henry Rogers, carpenter  Joshua Barnes  54 A; £54. 
Wit: Absom Rogers, William Rogers.

Deed Book S

184 5/10/1811  Lemuel DeBerry Henry Williamson42A; $60. Former owner: Joseph (G1782) 
Wit: Joshua Barnes, John Lang.21610/1/1811  Joshua BarnesKinshen Davis, grandson 452 A 
at death; love & aff. Former owners: Frederick Ward, Benjamin Moore. 
Wit: Edmund David, David Cherry.

316 3/10/1812 Joshua Barnes Cherry Joyner, granddaughter Negroes; love & aff. 
Wit: Sally Depee, Benjamin Bynum.

Deed Book T
304  Not found
Edmond Davis  Former owner: Joshua Barnes

193  10/17/1815  Joshua BarnesEdmond Davis, grandson  272 A; love & aff. 
Adj. John Williams. Wit: Kinchen Davis

VOLUME IV (1817-1832)
Barnes, Joshua—(F_AA-123	

Deed Book AA

123 12/9/1815 Lewis Davis Edmund Davis Negroes; $500. Former owner: Joshua Barnes, Dec. 
Men: Edy Davis, heir of Joshua Barnes. Wit: Charles Henderson, Ichabod Tison.

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