Wills and Estate Records

ATKINS, Sarah 1827
ATKINS, Silas, 1807
BARFIELD, Cornelius (1853)
BAXLY, William 1828
BLACK, Archibald (Estate of)
BLOUNT, John (1790)
BLOUNT, Philip 1801
BROWN, Angus 1820
BROWN, Angus 1826
BROWN, Ann Eliza 1820
BROWN, Daniel (1811)
BROWN, Duncan (1797)
BROWN, Hugh (1789)
BROWN, John (1792)
BROWN, Mary 1865
BROWN, Neill (1819)
BROWN, Neill B. 1846
BROWN, William 1824
BROWN, William H. 1883
BULLOCK, Eli, 1881
BULLOCK, Henry, Sr., 1871
CARLISLE, Sanders (1822)
COPELAND, James (1816)
COPELAND, John (1799)
HUMPHREY, Benjamin (1833)
HUMPHREY, Chambers 1788
LAMB, Medy (1804)
LOE, Daniel (1822)
McNATT, John SR, 1842
McNEIL, Hector, 1803
PAUL, Silas - Probate Record
PITMAN, Newit (1787)
RAY, Neill (1808)
REGAN, Ralph (1795)
RHODES, Jacob, 1822
WALTERS, Jeremiah (1853)
WALTERS, John (1902)
WALTERS, William Sr, (1829)
WALTERS, William Jr, (1857)
WILLIAMS, Absalom 1812
WILLIAMS, Giles 1839
Jeremiah Walters, Sr., 1853
John Walters

Land Grants

William GIBSON, 1782
Samuel HAINES, 1787

Robeson Deeds

Washington Cade to John Chisholm 1804
Chisholm to Lewis Nichols, 1829
James Doyal to Samuel Haines, 1787
Frances Ivey to Thomas Rowland, 1786
Jas A. McKay et ux. to Chas H. Godbolt, 1902
James Moore to Samuel Haines, 1786
Lewis Nichols to Amos Newton, 1829
Thomas Rowland to Daniel Drinkwater, 1785
Index of WALTERS deeds 1800-1865
Survey - Archibald Brown, 1793
Survey - Neill Brown, 1787
Survey - Neill Brown, Esq., 1788
Survey - Neill Brown Sr., 1793
John Foley to Laban Price, 1854
King--Grantor/Grantee Index
John King to Jesse Humphrey, 1824
Jesse Humphrey to William Townsend, 1832
Walters Grantor deeds, 1800-1865

Robeson Bible Records
*1734 Bladen - after *1787 Robeson

Calvin BLACK Family Bible
ANGUS BLACK Family Bible
Bible of George and Mary Hendon CROMARTIE
Family Bible of George and Sallie Edwards TURNER
WALTERS Family Bible

Robeson Cemeteries
*1734 Bladen - after *1787 Robeson

Allen Cemetery
Ashley Cemetery
Atkinson Cemetery
Prentice Reid Barker Cemetery
Biggs-Harrell Cemetery
Meredith Bullock Cemetery
Henry Flowers Cemetery
Jackson Swamp Cemetery
Kinlaw Family Cemetery
Jesse Lee Cemetery
Musselwhite Family Cemetery
Phillips Cemetery
Phillips Cemetery
Regan United Methodist Church Cemetery
Robeson County Indian Cemeteries
Rozier Family Cemetery
Sessoms Family Cemetery
Armistead Singletary Cemetery
Smith's United Methodist Church Cemetery
Haynes Walters Cemetery
Helen Walters Cemetery
Speir Walters Cemetery
Wilkins Cemetery

Miscellaneous Cemeteries
Alford-Fulmore Cemetery
Alligator Cemetery
Asbury Episcopal Church Cemetery
Atkinson Cemetery
Ayers Cemetery
Back Swamp Baptist Church Cemetery
BAKER Cemetery
Baker's Chapel Cemetery
Barnesville Cemetery
BASS Cemetery
BASS Cemetery 1
Bell Cemetery
Big Branch Cemetery
Biggs-Harrell Family Cemetery
Blake Cemetery
Blunt Cemetery
Hugh BROWN Cemetery
BULLOCK Cemetery
(Meredith) BULLOCK Cemetery
BULLOCK Cemetery
Butler Cemetery
Centenary United Methodist Church
Center(Centre)Presbyterian Church Cem.
Cemeteries A - C
[Cemeteries D - M]
[Cemeteries N - S]
[Cemeteries T - Z]

Robeson Census

1790 Fayette Distrist
1792- 1793 Tax Records
1800 Census
1850 Federal Census - Upper Division
Index A-McD
1850 Federal Census - Upper Division
Index McE-Z
1850 Federal Census - Upper Division
Pages 314a-325b
1850 Federal Census - Upper Division
Pages 326a-338a
1850 Federal Census - Upper Division
Pages 338b-350a
1850 Census Index
1920 Census, Page Surname
Auston Hinson Family, 1930

Robeson Miscellaneous Data

Robeson County Map - 1884
Evander (Van) Speir Walters, Pig Farmer
F.M. Townsend Account Ledger

Robeson Obituaries

M. Medford Hall, 12 Jun 2001
Allen Cebron Bullock, 21 Jul 1928
Enoch R. Walters, 11 Mar 1906
James P Walters, May 1930
Joseph Walters, 12 Feb 1920
William Walters, 8 Apr 1919
Tince Walters, 31 May 1927

Military Records

Robeson County Civil War Regiments
Joseph Walters, Civil War Military Record
Isham P Walters, Civil War Military Record
Brief War Record of Major Thomas Jones Wooten, 1861-1865

Church Records

Hog Swamp Baptist Church
Picture of the Hog Swamp Baptist Church

Robeson Biographies

Cyrus McNeill's History of Two McNeill Families