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Washington Historic Waterfront

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Memories written by:
 John Boyd joboyd@acc-net.com

I have enjoyed reading through the web page about Washington.  My name 
is John Boyd,  I now live in Marion, Ohio.  I moved from Washington to 
Ohio in 1975.  I attended school in Washington from 5th grade on graduated 
in 1960.

My father ran a machine shop business on water street beside the ice plant.  
I spent much of my youth roaming along the water front.  My mother still 
lives in Washington.  She attended the nursing school at Taylor Hospital 
and can tell you all you ever wanted to know about the house on the corner 
of Main and Washington streets.  Her name is Carol Boyd.  

Dean Parker is another person that went to school there and could tell you 
a lot about Medicine in Washington.  Dr. John Taylor spanked my behind  for 
the first time in the old Taylor hospital as he did most of the people of 
that time.  He died in a fishing accident in Pamlico Sound.  

I remember Dudley's Market and crab, fish, and oyster boats at the city dock 
out back.  Day's Seafood Market on Water Street.  I worked there steaming 
crabs for the black ladies that picked them in the back.  

My dad's machine shop was next door and the Ice Plant which was right behind 
Harris Hardware Co.  I am sure that someone has great stories about the Sugar 
Boats That used to unload at the Coastline Dock.  Also the banana boats that 
used to unload. They used to come up from the "Indies" which I thought was 
some south seas island.   We liked to watch the banana boat unload.  They would 
have a gangplank in front and back of the boat and a steady stream of people 
carrying bunches of bananas off the boat.  All would be good until a tarantula 
spider would show up, a snake would not have caused more commotion. 

This page has brought back a lot of old memories.   
 John Boyd joboyd@acc-net.com

Commerce on the Washington Waterfront

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